Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crazy Sexy Life!

Cancer. Bad.

No, I don't have cancer. I do have demons, though. I consider these my "cancer". (The list is tooooo long to name all of them, and maybe one day I'll blog about them). I'm tired of them. They drain my energy. I'm ready to be done....and finally get rid of them. 

This is part of the reason this blog has come to help me. It's become a way of healing. A way of inspiration and motivation. And though, at times, I "fall off the wagon" and give in to these demons, it seems everyday it's getting easier and easier to stay on track. It's amazing, and ironic, how, as you let go of your deathly grip on life, you become stronger...and more at peace.

One of my new "healthbits" (healhy habits) that I am trying out, is juicing (no, not steroids! lol). (Stay tuned for an upcoming post, dedicated solely to juicing). In order to begin this task, I have had to do some research (thank you Google!) on juicers, recipes, etc. I came across the blog of Kris Carr. I first saw her on Oprah a few years ago, when her documentary "Crazy Sexy Cancer" (check out the trailer below) first came out. I then bought a book called "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips", which was very informative for those with cancer, and their loved ones. She has an amazing story of becoming diagnosed with cancer and through her own journey, and found wonderful ways to remain healthy - and cancer free! I remember a friend asking me, "Why did you buy that book? You don't have cancer." Well, no, I didn't have cancer, but I thought....why wait till I do?? Why not start now (at least TRY), and get proactive in this health thing....

So, for this blog post, I wanted to pass along one of her newsletters (you can subscribe to them on her blog Crazy Sexy Life. Check it out when you get a chance!

Hi Soul Shine,
Lots of people ask me what’s the difference between juicing and blending? Well, both are super excellent for you, but the main difference is that smoothies have fiber and juices do not. Since the fiber is removed in juices, the liquid nutrition can get into your cells much quicker and less energy is expended by your precious God pod. Nowadays, I juice more than I blend, but I still love my smoothies too. Do what works for you!
As I promised last week, here are some more tips for outrageous success on the Crazy Sexy diet and lifestyle plan.
Top Tip #1 – Which Supplements Do You Need?Probably one of the most confusing things about living a healthy lifestyle is figuring out which supplements you need. Ideally you’d get all of your nutrients from food but since our soil has been depleted so has our produce. I personally vary my supplement regimen regularly, but there are some basics you should know about. I also share my favorite brands here:
Top Tip #2 – Dry Brush Your Way to Healthy Skin
Dry brushing is my secret weapon against toxins, dry skin and that pesky foe: cellulite. Just by stroking yourself daily you can loosen dead cells, stimulate acupressure points, tickle your chi, massage your meridians, move lymph, reduce cellulite, stimulate your immune system and make your skin soft and velvety! Learn how here:
Top Tip #3 – My Favorite Recipe Books
Keep in mind, you don’t need any cookbooks for the Crazy Sexy diet and lifestyle; you just need to eat luscious whole foods. But a little inspiration in the kitchen always helps! These are my top 5 picks for raw and cooked recipe books. Use them to inspire you to create new and delish combinations of flavors and nourishing meals:
If you’ve been on the Standard American Diet (SAD) diet, remember to take it easy! There is room for transition in this diet. We move from worst, to better, to best and we do it in levels, slowly. If we move too fast we can experience too many uncomfortable detox side effects.
That’s it for my special introductory email series to help you get started with the Crazy Sexy diet and lifestyle. I hope you found these emails helpful. If you did, let me know on my Facebook page. Stay tuned for my regular newsletters, which have even more rocket fuel for your wellness journey!
Peace & peas,

....go BEYOND boundaries!

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