Here's a little poem I've written. It doesn't follow any correct form-
I just wrote it how I felt it....so, to all you English teachers out there...oops! lol

Find beauty in a sunrise
Glamour in the moonlight
Amazement in a flower
Soothing in the song of a sparrow

Shine beyond the furthest star

Find the sparkle in a smile
A tremble in a kiss
And safety in the arms of someone
You never want to miss


Find magic in a moment
Peace in a child
Look ahead with an open heart
And behind with a smile


Reach out to another
A stranger, friend or foe
There's always someone else
Who's hurt may never show

Let your heart understand
Joy, anger, hope, peace

Never regret
Cause some will never attempt
The lengths that you have gone
To share your own heart

Jump beyond your own boundaries

Laugh at your crooked smile
Show off your lines from every mile
Try everything
Because you can

Find grace in a dance
A melody to your own song
Find the feeling of two hearts
Making a rhythm of their own
Live, laugh, love more than you think you can
Do more, show yourself you can
Go beyond
Because you can

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