Thursday, February 16, 2012

SAY it forward!

If you haven't noticed, I've added a few extra "tabs" to this blog, which I wanted to quickly point out...

First, there is a "Links" is where I'm listing all of the links I've talked about from different posts, including a few blogs I'm following, and highly recommend for some good reading! Be sure to check these I am adding more and more everyday...

In addition to the new tabs on this blog, I have also just started a Facebook Page, Take a Hike and Beyond and a Twitter page: @takeahikebeyond. The great thing about these social networking sites, is that I can add/include info on lots of different subjects, short and quickly. Please take the time to "Like" or "follow", and check out the "lists" on twitter, or the other pages I "like"...for some other ideas/hobbies/inspiration/info to go BEYOND! I'm adding more everyday to these lists. And please feel free to also post YOUR pictures/stories on the fb page!

I am also going to add posts by guest bloggers! Soooo...if you're interested in writing a post for this blog, and sharing a story of you going BEYOND, I would LOVE to have you featured! Email me at with your idea :)

This blog started out to be about my own journey, but it has become something more. I want it to also help encourage others out there to try to go take a minute, and share your story, or share the blog/fb page/twitter (don't forget #BEYOND)! It may just inspire someone else....

I like to call it:
"SAY it forward!"

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