Monday, December 19, 2011

Vinny & Katie

I wanted to quickly show-off some REAL-LIFE beyond-ness (is that a word??). This post is to highlight 2 people - Vinny Hickerson and Katie Davis.

Vinny, lovingly known as Bigg Vinny Mack,  has been chasing the music dream here in Nashville, and eventually made his way in to the country group, Trailer Choir. He has always struggled with his weight, but just let himself be the "big funny guy" - to friends and fans. Well, Vinny developed diabetes, and finally decided to try out for The Biggest Loser. This past season, Vinny was on the show, and made it to the final 4!! He ended up losing 184 lbs!!!! Vinny went BEYOND himself...and learned to change his lifestyle, to become healthier, live longer, and now can do things he wasn't able to do before! He is now also engaged. He has become an inspiration! Check out Vinny here: Vinny's FB profileVinny's FB page  and the Biggest Loser website.

Katie Davis is originally from Nashville. During her senior year of high school, she goes on a mission trip to Uganda. After high school, long story short, she goes back to Uganda to teach kindergarten for a year, then returns to the US to start college. After her first semester, she decides to go back to Uganda and help the children, by adopting 13 of them and caring for more! She has started Amazima Ministries as well to help raise money. Take a moment and check out her blog - the Journey. You can also get a copy of her book, Kisses from Katie. Her story is amazing!!!

There are so many ways to volunteer. I have already started on mine. My sister just told me of a website that offers volunteer work all over! Check it out:

You don't have to lose 180lbs, or move across the world to help someone....
All it takes is one matter how big or go beyond.....

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