Monday, October 10, 2011

With the day off from work, I decided to go out for my first hike. It was a beautiful day here in Nashville, and took the opportunity to go to Whites Creek...just around the corner form my house. There was no one else on the trail, so I took my time...and lots of pics! Here is what I learned:

It was a 2-mile trail. This should have taken me about a half hour. But instead, took about an hour and a half..due to my needing to snap some pictures of the beautiful nature! I found that I'm not as out of shape as I thought - which was a great relief - with some hills and all. I definitely need to get hiking shoes. My old sneakers did not enjoy the walk as much as I did. Besides that, the 2 things I completely forgot to bring was water and bug spray. Note to self: these are very necessary! Ok, so I'm an I know for the next hike! Other than that, it was a great day, with beautiful scenery! Fontanel also has a Disc Golf Course that I would love to come back and try - even though I'm awful at throwing a frisbee. But anyone who is in the Nashville area, should definitely come out here...for a walk, tour, disc golf, food, or music. Check it out at The Fontanel Mansion. Time to "step-it-up" for the next hike....

Below is a slideshow of a TON of pictures I took. I realized, as I went along, that the more you start really looking at the details, the more details jump out at you. In the beginning, it was just about getting a "cool" shot. Then I became obsessed with the lighting. Then it became the contrasts in colors. Then it was the different textures and shapes of nature. So, now I realize I have alot to work on...and become better at capturing many of these in one shot. The time-consuming part was editing them. I end up taking a lot more than I actually use, because you never know exactly how the picture will turn out.

I used, mainly, my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. I do have many other apps which I like, and will show their uses in another post.  But for those of you who have the iPhone, I highly recommend it. I've added captions of the exact film and lens used for each picture, in case you're curious. The only problem with this app, is you can't zoom...or at least, I haven't figured out how to zoom lol! The other problem is that I have 8 different films, 9 different lenses, and 7 different flashes. I didn't use any flashes because 1) I was outside, so I figured it wouldn't work and 2) I already had sooo many options, it was hurting my brain by the end, trying to decide which combo to use. It seems I have found a few favorites...the John S, Lucifer and Libatique lenses, and the Kodot, BlacKeys SuperGrain and Pistil film. But, even after saying all of that...there were still so many combinations that come out really well. And many times, whether the shot will come out as you think, depends on the lighting. So, the pics I've added to the slideshow I thought stood out, or had some cool feel/look to them. I guess that's how a photographer decides on which shots are best! lol  I've also decided that I REALLY want a REAL camera. The iPhone camera and apps are fun, but I know there is soooo much more I could do with real lenses, zooming, etc...(I'll need to take a class to find out all the other Enjoy, and keep shooting....cause you never know when you'll get that great shot!! (These pictures, along with others I've started taking, can also be found at: My Picasa Web Album)
(Also, if you'd like to vote for one of my prints, you can do so here - and thank you in advanced!: The Big Hipstamatic Show Contest)

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